1. Updates from the lab

    So I gave away a huge chunk of my art supplies today. In an effort to lighten my load for moving as well as putting my supply-hoarding tendencies in check, I gave a shit ton of stuff I was nowhere near using to The Creatives Project Summer Art Supply Drive. Gourds, scavenged rolls of painted canvas, stretcher bars, tools, fixatives, you name it.

    And let me tell you, it’s great to give supplies to causes like that but it feels even better to not have to move all that shit to yet another apartment then get depressed looking at it and thinking “when will I ever use that, what is the matter with me?”

    It’s out of my life and into the readier hands of the needy young creative types. Huzzah! 


    I’m reworking the color on one of my gold Marilyn paintings. I discovered long ago Liquitex Basics brand gold, while a lovely hue, is painfully transparent and requires over 7 coats to even approach opacity. However, Winsor Newton Artists’ Acrylic gold is basically the same color and waaaaaay the hell more opaque.

    Actually, save for the nice, green antique gold in the Liquitex heavy body line, all the Liquitex golds can be replaced with gold paints of an essentially identical hue and (!!!) a much higher opacity. In particular, I recommend the Golden brand fluid acrylics. I would imagine their regular viscosity acrylics possess a similar opacity, but I haven’t tested them yet so no promises.

    As for that nice green Liquitex antique gold, I get them feeling I could mill a paint of similar hue and perfect opacity if I try my hand at mixing the right color of mica powder with acrylic medium. That experiment might have to wait… maybe.